A trademark is a graphic symbol, which could be a word, name, object, label, or number, that a company uses to set its products apart from those produced by rival companies. A registered trademark serves to safeguard a company's investment in its brand or logo as an intangible asset or piece of intellectual property. If a trademark is distinctive for the products and services you offer, it might be registered. A proposed trademark cannot be registered if it is the same as or nearly identical to an already registered trademark. Additionally, trademarks that are insulting, generic, misleading, not unique, contain specifically protected insignia, etc. are not registrable.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India's Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks is responsible for registering trademarks. Trademarks are registered under the Trademark Act, 1999, and the owner has the legal right to sue for damages if their trademark is violated. A trademark can be registered and used with the R symbol, and the registration is good for ten years. When a registered trademark is about to expire, it is simple to renew it by submitting a trademark renewal application for an additional 10 years.

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